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The Terrace Arch, in Jamestown

Bringing Pets

Those wishing to relocate pets to St Helena are required to get an import permit from island authorities, and an export health certificate from APHA (Animal & Plant Health Agency) if travelling from UK. 

Pets are transported by sea on board the MOD supply ship from Southampton to Ascension Island and then brought on the MV Helena.  The MV Helena can also carry pets via Cape Town.  For further details and information please contact the SHG Veterinary Section.

The Veterinary Section provides care and treatment for all animals, which involves surgery and diagnostic work, laboratory testing (and post-mortems) as well as preventative health programmes.  There is a weekly animal clinic and a monthly clinic for collecting worm and flea treatments.

A range of tinned and dried pet food is sold on the Island although limited, and it is advisable to bring supplies like beds, toys and accessories.

Dogs are to be licenced at the Post Office, costing £6.80 (neutered) or £31.00 (unneutered), annually.

SA Dog and Cat imports (pdf)

The City of Jamestown

Jamestown is the capital of St Helena. It was granted its city status by Queen Victoria, in 1859.

The town measures roughly a mile, from the landing steps at the seafront, to the front steps of the island’s hospital, at New Bridge.

Jamestown really is the island’s central hub. It is the natural meeting place for people doing business as it includes The Castle (government), Bank of St Helena, Solomon & Company PLC, police, the court house and the largest range of shops.

But, just as importantly, it’s the perfect place for connecting socially, and it’s where you’ll find the majority of St Helena’s pubs, cafés and eateries.

The video (above) gives a little insight of what you can expect to find in Jamestown, when you’re living and working on St Helena.


St Helena police officers


Crime is relatively low level and overall the Island is much safer than the UK. However, it is advisable to lock house and car doors when necessary.

When taking leave away from the Island, it is sensible to seek a house sitter or to ask a colleague or neighbour to keep an eye on the property, as is common practice elsewhere.

For those in government housing, the HR Officer/Property Division Office should be kept informed of absences and provided with a contact address and telephone number.

Insurance is available from Solomon & Company for house contents. You may wish to bring a small safe for valuables and money.

St Pauls Cathedral


The religion on the Island is predominantly Church of England (68.9%) and there are 10 Anglican churches and one cathedral. 

Other faiths represented include, Jehovah’s Witness, Baptist, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist, The Rock Christian Fellowship, New Apostolic, Roman Catholic and Baha’i.


Telecommunications, internet and television is provided by Sure South Atlantic Ltd who operate under exclusive licences granted by St Helena Government. 

Information on their services, charges and terms and conditions can be found on their website. The television package includes movies, series, documentary and sports channels, BBC World News, and Sky News (Premium).

In October 2023, the Island’s digital link switched from a satellite to the Equiano fibre-optic, undersea cable, which has significantly enhanced the internet service for consumers, including affordable, unlimited data plans for the first time.

Handsets must be unlocked to use local sim cards on the SURE network.

Internet Plans:

PlanMonthly FeeDataDownloadUpload
S£1830GBUp to 5 mb/sUp to 1 mb/s
M£3660GBUp to 5 mb/sUp to 1 mb/s
L£67UnlimitedUp to 10 mb/sUp to 1 mb/s
L+£120UnlimitedUp to 20 mb/sUp to 1 mb/s


Individuals coming to St Helena on a fixed term contract of more than 30 days and whose salary will be taxed by the St Helena Government, need to contact their local HMRC office to advise and obtain the relevant documentation for completion, in order to avoid being taxed on this income by the UK also.

The current rates of income tax are; a £7,000 personal allowance per annum, thereafter 26% on the first £18,000 and 31% on the remainder

There may be opportunities for partners to be employed (at local rates). In occupations where there is a shortage of skills, such as teachers and nurses, employment may be possible, again at local rates. 

There are many opportunities for voluntary work, for example, in schools, with people with disabilities and the elderly. 

There is also a chance to become involved with one of the Island’s many non-government organisations, for example the St Helena National TrustSHAPE or Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

It is advisable that those considering employment or volunteering, obtain criminal record clearance (Disclosure and Barring in the UK) preferably enhanced if expecting to work with vulnerable groups, prior to their arrival on island.

The Post Office, Jamestown

Mail Service

St Helena’s physical links to the outside world are through Airlink from Johannesburg, and visits of a freight ship every 4-6 weeks that brings island supplies via Africa.

Mail from, and via the UK is brought on the flights between Ascension and St Helena, and on a quarterly call of the freight ship to Ascension.  The ship also carries mail to/from Africa, although the security of mail passing through this route is questionable. 

The flow of post can be erratic and sending/receiving for timely delivery involves forward planning. 

Surface mail is considerably cheaper than airmail. 

The post code for St Helena is STHL 1ZZ which should be added to your new address.

House-to-house mail delivery is not conducted on the Island, instead you’ll need to collect at the Post Office on Main Street.  Alternatively, arrangements can be made for delivery to a shop/sub Post Office if you live outside of town.  A limited number of PO boxes are also available at the Post Office.

Public Transport, Hire Cars and Taxis

There is a public bus service on the Island with a small number of routes connecting districts, however, services are limited and they vary considerably from area to area.

A copy of the bus schedule can be obtained from the Tourist Office, ( or by downloading the Inside St Helena app. 

There are a number of companies offering vehicle hire services.  Vehicle hire charges are approximately £15 per day for a car and £20 per day for a 4×4, depending on length of hire.  

Taxis are also available and there is a taxi stand on Market Street, Jamestown behind the Tourist Office.  It is recommended that you agree a price before hiring as these can be expensive.

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