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St Helena Airport has been open and operational since April 2016. Commercial flights commenced on Saturday, 14 October 2017.
Dealing With The Weather

The isolation of the Island together with the potential for wind shear has meant that St Helena Airport has been classed as a Category C airport.

Category C airports have additional considerations for approach, landing or take-off. Difficult wind conditions, including turbulence and wind shear, are encountered and safely managed at many airports around the world and St Helena Airport is no different.

In addition, during the winter months of August to October, when there is misty rain and low cloud cover, this can cause delays with flights to the Island.

Flying To St Helena

Flights to the St Helena Airport are operated by Airlink from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

This is currently a fortnightly service with a monthly inter-island flight to Ascension Island.

Starting from 8 October 2022, flights will be increased to a weekly service. The monthly inter-Island service with Ascension Island remains, with additional inter-Island flights during the peak period.

Touch down on St Helena

Flight Bookings

New TC employees will have their incoming travel booked through our London Office by our UK Representative. Outgoing travel from St Helena will be booked by the TC Officer directly.  All travel both incoming and outgoing will be via Diversity Travel with whom the St Helena Government has an agreed contract.  The Travel Policy will be made available to TC Officers. 

For private booking; tickets are available online via the Airlink website and through IATA travel agents. 

For those passengers that are resident on St Helena, ticket bookings can also be made via Solomon & Company (St Helena) Plc’s, Shipping & Travel Agency at the Malabar in Jamestown. Passengers can visit in person or email [email protected] or telephone: 22523.

SA Airlink flight arrival from South Africa

Covid-19 Preventative Measures

Current island Covid-19 preventative measures include a mandatory 7-day quarantine on arrival for fully vaccinated arrivals, and a 10-day quarantine for the unvaccinated. 

A negative test result at the end of the quarantine period is required before being allowed into the community.

With effect from 8 August 2022, quarantine will no longer be a legal requirement on St Helena. All restrictions will be removed and people will be able to visit St Helena without needing to quarantine.

It will not be mandatory to wear face masks; however, individuals can choose to do so in crowded areas or enclosed spaces in order to reduce the spread of COVID. The practice of good hand and respiratory hygiene at all times is advised. 

Persons travelling to, or transiting through South Africa are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination status or a PCR test result upon entering the South African borders, this applies to both non vaccinated and fully vaccinated travellers.


A pre-arrival COVID-19 test is no longer required.

Vaccinations Requirements

There are no vaccination requirements currently in place (July 2022) for entry to St Helena.

Baggage Allowance – Airlink

For checked or hold baggage, the general free allowance on Airlink flights is 20Kg in Economy Class and 30Kg in Business Class per adult passenger. In addition to the checked or hold baggage, passengers may carry the following cabin or hand baggage. Each piece should not exceed 8kg.

Economy Class: 1 Piece plus 1 slim line laptop bag

Business Class: 2 Pieces plus 1 slim line laptop bag

Children (ages 2-11) are entitled to the same baggage allowance as adults. Infants will be permitted 10kg of checked-in baggage in addition to one collapsible pram/buggy and one infant car seat.

Airlink has the capacity to carry disabled passengers who are wheelchair bound. Persons with reduced mobility may carry free of charge one wheelchair and/or other assistive devices upon which they are dependant.

To ensure that all passengers are treated fairly, if a passenger exceeds the baggage allowance, additional fees will be applied, currently £8 per kg. Weight restrictions apply on the flight so on days when the flight is fully booked with both cargo and passengers, persons with excessive baggage might be asked to leave items over and above their baggage allowance behind. These items can be airfreighted at a cost to the passenger at the next available opportunity.

Airlink flight arriving from Johannesburg

Early morning start at St Helena Airport

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