Bank of St Helena

There is one bank on the Island; the Bank of St Helena whose range of services includes a local debit card and online banking. 

The currency is the St Helena Pound which is equivalent to the British Pound (GBP) and both are accepted on the Island.  Local currency is only accepted on St Helena and Ascension Island. 

There are no ATM machines and international credit and debit cards are not widely accepted, however, the Bank provides cash advances on these at a 5% charge (min £2.50).  

The local debit card is free of charge to customers, this can be used in the majority of stores around the island, some stores also offer a cash back service.  There are a few smaller stores that still operate on a cash basis only.

The Bank opens weekdays from 8.45am to 3pm, Saturdays 8.30-12.30pm and is closed on Sundays.  Visit their website for further information.

Don’t forget to notify your UK or international bank that you are relocating to a different country.

It is worth starting the process for opening an account with the Bank of St Helena at the earliest opportunity, it can take a while for documents to be processed and for your account to be opened.

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